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Quinn Sullivan. At the time of our conversation, Quinn Sullivan was an intern at Wilderness Inquiry, a nonprofit which aims to foster greater interaction between nature and people, particularly those who are physically disabled. His main duty was as a guide, where he led groups on wilderness expeditions.

Opportunity: the basis of life’s experiences. He provides opportunities and aims to instill a sense of accomplishment in others. Quinn Sullivan.

Max had cerebral palsy. He had also been to the Boundary Waters 34 times. This was his 35th time and Quinn happened to be one of the trip leaders. The first night, sitting around the campfire, Max says, “I want you all to know, I’ve already achieved my goal for the week… and that’s just to be here with you guys.”

An opportunity, even a familiar one, can open a door of achievement. In leading trips like these, Quinn combines several of his passions: 




Providing opportunities for others to grow.

It’s the opportunities that you give someone that empowers them... they learn from those moments in life.
— Q.S.

There’s something about being in a vulnerable position that can bring out the best in us. That brings people together.

But so often we allow vulnerability to bring out the worst in ourselves. We can’t control others but we can control ourselves and how we act toward others. The decision lies with us as individuals: to allow vulnerability to tear us apart or bring us together. We can chose to see beauty or the ugly.

Sure, life is both. But which one do you seek?

Tuning into the beauty of the world around us tunes us into the beauty within ourselves.

Go on more walks.
— Q.S.

But how to tune into this beauty...? Sometimes, the practical approach is best:

1 Sullivan Quinn winter scene.jpg

The beauty of nature can reflect the beauty innate within us.

Note: during our conversation, Quinn offered shoutouts to a number of people. Just for kicks, I thought I'd include the shoutouts here. (Sincere apologies for any mispellings!): 

  • Keith Crawford (boss at Adventure Outings)
  • Scott Gurman (boss at Lasting Adventures)
  • Tom (brother), Anna (sister), Ansra (sister), Dre (sister), Ramone (bro), Angie (sister)
  • Julie (mom), dad
  • Jenna (girlfriend)
  • Eduardo Garcia (chef)
  • Powel Sweethop (Chico, CA), Nancy Howe- 2 daughters: Christian and Niki
  • Best friends: Tyler, Cody, Nick, Andy, Deva, Zach, Jess, Emily, Mel