walking the walk, seeing the beauty


Quinn Sullivan visual convo

Quinn Sullivan introduces himself and talks about leaving his home in California to intern with Wilderness Inquiry, a group that provides outdoor adventure trips for those who usually aren’t afforded those opportunities.

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The value of providing opportunities to others and creating an environment where kids can grow.

Quinn shares the story of his brothers’ traumatic injury and how it has inspired him to do the work he does today.

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Climate change provides a pressing need for education.

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Vulnerability brings people together. Working through difficult situations brings an understanding that ultimately, the basic needs of every person are the same. In this, we recognize our humanness.

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Seeing the beauty around us helps shape our values. It exercises our appreciation muscle, and if we can appreciate the small things, we can appreciate life around us all that much more.

The power of acceptance. Quinn talks about his relationship with his father and his insight into the important role of acceptance in that relationship.

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Why do people need religion to motivate them to act? Quinn posses this question and discusses how he continually seeks to “walk the walk” rather than simply “talk the talk.”