cherry blossoms and trampled grass


I’m in the midst of an incredible opportunity. I’m currently sitting in the halls of power, drunk on foretastes of history…

Ok, the first part’s not entirely true… I’m in a hotel lobby. But I’m near the epicenter of American power.

I’m in D.C. assisting a good friend and mentor, John Noltner with his soul-moving project, A Peace of My Mind.

Having a few free hours the other day, I explored. Walking along the National Mall, history seemed to be working itself slowly into my bones. The idealism which initiated this places’ existence, the injustice it provokes, the corruption it sustains, the true freedom it professes… it all swirls around in a storm of silent density.

It’s complexity grips my mind.

Tender pink cherry blossoms cast a blanket of grace over the city. Idyllic notions of beauty are carved in stone, gently beckoning us to engrave the same principles upon our hearts. The effervescence of history propels the hopes of the future.

Earthen patches of trampled grass await tending-to. Corroded facades of corrupted ambition hide in plain sight. The scars of injustice sing in undertones of subtle discord.

I cannot explain this place. I cannot make sense of it. I’m awed, repulsed, inspired, defeated, amazed.

But I’m intrigued. What better place to marvel at the complexity of humanity?

That, in and of itself- wonderment, incredulity injected with curiosity… I’ve gotta think there’s something beautiful about that.