the making of a good life

What makes for a good life?

humility, wonderment, truth with tones of grace, creating...

It is in having experiences which simultaneously reaffirm and negate my conception of what it is I am and what I’m doing. These experiences cultivate a humility which must implant itself within the fibers of my being.

It is in creating something which has never before been created. Providing others with the impetus to make themselves and the world around them better.  Partaking in the creation of the tools necessary for others to navigate this thing we call “life.”

It is in a mindset of discovery and wonderment which speaks of grandeur, idealism, passion, humility, and above all, sanctity.

It is a life guided by the internalization of the holiness of the ground upon which I walk.

A good life is marked by a veracity for truth imbued with tones of grace. This is accompanied by an awareness of the fallibility of the human capacity to live according to what is true. But a good life is not prone to regarding this fallibility as an obstacle. It sees it as a universal, shared by all humanity.

A good life is marked by a deference to what we cannot know. Yet this does not preclude us from attempting to know it.

For this is life. The known… and the unknown.