a pursuit of curiosity

Passion sometimes gets the better of curiosity.

It begins with a flared up passion for an idea. Soon afterward, a project is born. This passion and my strong sense of independence then get married.

For a while, the passion plays the dominant role. It’s fresh, new, exciting and the possibilities are endless. But then, slowly, the roles begin to shift. My independence takes the upper hand. I want to exercise this passion all the time! So the natural conclusion is that I’ve got to monetize the passion in order make that a reality.

This is where the passion and independence come to enact a love-hate relationship. The passion’s still there but the drive to do it has begun shifting to an external motivation. I’ve got to make the project into something that’s self-supporting. It’s easy for that to become the primary reason to put the work in.

But I operate better, more creatively, when I’m internally motivated. Have I just corrupted my passion? By wanting to make it my life’s work, have I just degraded it?

I’ve been thinking nonstop about this. And I think I’ve found a solution…

It requires a leap… I’ll be quitting my job.

I know, it makes total sense… not. But actually, it does.

Here’s the thought… what if I could maintain a sense of independence (I’ve got freelance work, other odd jobs, and some savings I can draw on if needed) and pursue passion without feeling the overwhelming pressure to create something which will become my full time all-expenses-paying job? What if I unabashedly and wholeheartedly pursue what’s purely interesting to me for the next year? What if I allow curiosity to guide me above everything else? What would result?

I already get to meet interesting people in working on The Idealect but it’s a cumbersome process. Each profile takes roughly 15-20 hours of invested time to create. I love the face-to-face interview process, but the editing is slow and feels like a slog.

What if I could meet multiple people each week and simply record the conversation then put it out as a podcast? That would minimize my editing time and maximize my human-to-human time.

The insights people will share, the network of people I’ll get to meet, the places I’ll get to see... It’s interesting to think about. And you’ll get to come along for the ride. I’ll have more time for reading, an essential part of the project. There will also be some exciting travel dates in the not-too-far-future.

I’ll also be meeting with more people about how to move The Idealect into the physical world… Bringing people together for conversations, live interviews in the community, employee development,  workshops on various topics like conflict resolution, community engagement, or civic awareness… who knows what else?...

It’s an opportunity to be guided chiefly by interest. Life’s an adventure and an experiment so I’ll embrace it as one. So here’s to the next year, a year of curiosity.